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Our nonprofit youth organization is seeking experienced professionals to serve as a mentor for youth groups, ages 4 -18.

Looking for professionals who have experience in a particular industry who can guide and mentor a youth group with their experience and knowledge. Mentor will share their career journey, the challenges, the gratifications and how to succeed in this role. May also include resume building, coaching, mock interviews and work site visits/tours.


Our goal is to bring knowledge and awareness of the different career opportunities available, by giving kids exposure and access to inspirational, positive, caring professionals. Mentors will provide guidance in how to navigate through the professional world, as they embark on their journey in taking the first steps into their careers, or just opening their minds to wider horizons. We need mentors from any type of industry (law enforcement, pilots, mechanics, engineers, veterinarians, farmers.. basically any industry).

So if you are looking to make an impact, by volunteering your time and knowledge, we need you!


Mentor Application
Do you prefer working with:
What grade level(s):
Have you ever worked with children before?

References: (Other Than Family Members)

Please list your last three places of employment, beginning with the most recent:

May we contact the above companies for a reference?


I hereby AUTHORIZE The RILEY YOUTH FOUNDATION, its directors, officers, agents, and employees, to communicate with any Law Enforcement Agency concerning any reports, records of convictions, or other information that such law enforcement agency may have concerning me. I also AUTHORIZE ANY LOCAL OR STATE POLICE DEPARTMENT OR BUREAU OF CRIMINAL IDENTIFICATION to furnish the Riley Youth Foundation Mentoring Partnership with any such information.

I hereby WAIVE and RELEASE The Riley Youth Foundation Mentoring Partnership, its funders, officers, agents, directors, any State or Local Police Department or Bureau of Criminal Identification, and any of their employees of all legal responsibility and liability which may arise from the furnishing of any criminal records or information.

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